“An Absolute Treasure”

Tamima is an absolute treasure and a marvel both personally and professionally!
We think we are extremely lucky to have met her and gotten her help in buying our perfect home. Even though it is our first home purchase, we felt so confident and on top of the game with Tamima’s help. She is the definition of thorough. There should be another word invented to describe the level of attention to detail, efficiency, keeping up with the timeline, multitasking and being so responsive and friendly at the same time. We felt like we were the only ones on her plate and she was giving us a 100% of her time (even though we knew she is working with many others simultaneously).
Tamima is truly enthusiastic about the house search. It is inspiring to meet and work with someone who really enjoys their work. Tamima has really lived together with us through the experience of envisioning our future home each and every time we walked into a potential house. She has been patient and supportive in our requests to view all kinds of different properties: townhomes, custom made “unusual” homes, fixer-upper homes and super-beautiful homes. We appreciated so much her time and the long-day drives to view a bunch of properties during hot summer weekends. She is incredibly organized and helped us keep track of everything we saw along with notes of what we liked and didn’t like.
Tamima’s advices about location, house layout, backyard layout, home amenities and finances – were invaluable! We got all our referrals from her for all the things needed for the purchase (such as attorneys and lenders) and for the house itself (inspection and contractors). Anyone recommended by Tamima was the best in their field. For someone like us, new to the area and to house ownership, that is incredibly valuable.
Finally, during the process of purchase, making the offer, review of counter-offer etc. – Tamima’s help and advice were priceless. This must be the most stressful part of home buying and having someone like Tamima to keep in check the million of moving parts was almost life-saving.
We couldn’t be happier with our purchase. And couldn’t be more grateful to Tamima. We will surely engage her for any other real estate transaction we might have and recommend her to all our friends

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