Tamima is fantastic. We had gone through a half dozen realtors before we met Tamima. By then, I was convinced that we would never use a realtor and that none of them would ever understand us. To our delight, Tamima did. Most realtors we had met couldn’t help but give us a hard sell (buy now!) or gave up on us since we wanted to be strategic in our home purchase, we were first time home buyers and I am a designer, having taught in architecture schools for over 20 years, so we were in some ways very atypical and difficult clients. Tamima worked with us through four bidding wars for three houses, respecting our limits and telling us the blunt truth when it needed to be told. The result is that we live in a fabulous house that we got at a good price. Since then, we have remained good friends with Tamima and have recently begun a long term project to identify a rental property in town that meets our needs. Again, Tamima is great, use her without hesitation.

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