“I would HIGHLY recommend Tamima Friedman as your realtor, whether buying, or selling a home”

As both a buyer and eventually a seller of a good sized 5 bedroom home in Northern NJ, I had an exceptional experience with this realtor. When I became interested in selling recently, I remembered how professional and thorough Tamima had been in helping me find a great place to live, and I hoped she was still available. To my delight, I found she still was and called her with no hesitation. She listened attentively to my thoughts on when to sell and what some of my considerations were. She answered all my initial questions and put my mind at ease. She came to inspect the house the next day to find out more about it and get a more detailed picture of what we were talking about. We went through each room and she made recommendations about how to improve it, fix something or just say it was good the way it was. This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for. She scheduled an appointment at her office to further listen, discuss, and present her research about my market, neighborhood and the particulars of my home. I was very confident that she would be an excellent realtor for my home sale and decided to hire her right away. There was a list of things to get done to prepare the house for sale, and to get the best selling price. Some I thought I could do myself, but others were beyond the scope of my abilities or time. Tamima recommended several contractors and companies, all of which gave me free estimates for the work. I found it telling that whenever I called a contractor and told them Tamima Friedman had referred me to them, they knew her and praised her, saying how good it was to work with her, most had worked on many projects with her. This list included a handyman, electrician, plumber, pest control company, landscaper, home cleaner and more. When the house was ready to be put on the market, she worked with me to schedule a good date and talked about next steps. She scheduled her team of home stagers, publicity and others to visit the house so they could all present it in the best possible way. Soon after she arrived at the house with her team of home stagers and numerous props. I decided to leave for the day and do some errands. By the time I returned some hours later, the house was staged – and it was amazing! To top it all off she strategically placed flowers in the dining room, kitchen, living room and even on the front steps. Finally she brought in her team of photographers and video crew. When I saw the pictures, and walk through/float through video, I was blown away. Did I really still want to sell my house?! I seriously asked myself that. But yes, I knew it was the right time for me to do this. Tamima asked if I had an attorney to conduct the necessary real estate transactions, and I did not. She recommended a particular attorney, and I called him up. Upon mentioning Tamima’s name he was familiar with her and had positive comments about working with her. As the sale progressed, I found her recommendation of this attorney to be excellent. Now the time came when the house went live. Many, many realtors came through with clients, and many of their cards accumulated on the dining room table. The house was showing for about 10 days, which was what I had wanted, and then Tamima presented me with a detailed breakdown of all the offers, of which there were about 15. She created a spreadsheet and reviewed each offer with me carefully, highlighting important considerations. Many offers were above my asking price. She never pressured me to take a certain offer, in the end it was up to me. One thing I learned from this process is that it’s not always the highest offer, but what the best offer is for you, and your particular needs and circumstances. Well, I think it is clear that I would HIGHLY recommend Tamima Friedman as your realtor, whether buying, or selling a home. She is a consummate professional, knowledgeable, personable, detail oriented, tenacious, down to earth and has a great team soup to nuts. I’m so happy with my experience hiring her for my house sale, and if you decide to go with Tamima, I truly think you will be too!

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